Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When Decoupage meet Scappy

I always love to make things that is out of norm, so here i come to combine the scrappy art and decoupage together. What i like about decoupage is you can apply on any surface like wood, glass, steel, cloth & etc... and with base coat and protection coat, it will turn the item into pretty stuff.
For me, i prefer wood surface and do have few samples to show.

This wood hanger i found in a local shop which sell a lot of cute stuff. The sentiment is from Unity Stamp, Learn-live-hope stamp.

This is memo holder and i add some blink stone around the cup cake.

This is another wood hanger. I'm using Donna Poppies from Donna Downey and Lasting Thoughts kit from Unity Stamp. Trust me, the Poppies flower is very huge and it's really good for canvas projects. I've add some butterfly to make it more 3D.

I order this Welcome hanger from Taiwan, and i have a strong feeling that this hanger is suitable to put in house, thus i decided to do it for house deco. The stamp is from Better Together kom 7/11, then i colored it with my FINE Color marker pen. For the background, i'm using yellow and green spray paint.

This butterfly hanger also order from Taiwan, and i've try with my stencil from The Crafters Workshop with the color spray paint, and the results is amazing! 

That's all for my post today, will upload more when i've done my art works.

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