Thursday, October 17, 2013

Emboss powder

For this post, I'm going to show some cards/ design using emboss powder.

First, just to introduce what kind of material that I used to create above card. From the first picture, there are Doily stamp from Hero Arts, white color emboss powder, and VersaMark watermark stamp pad. 

To begin, you have to stamp the doily with VersaMark stamp pad, and u stamp on a colour card stock or paper. Then, you have to pour the white colour emboss powder on top of the pattern before it dries out. After this, you may shrink out the excess powder, and used the heat gun/tool to heat up the powder. You can see the powder change the color slowly, and just a hint to you that you might not place the heat tool directly to one spot on your image, the result might not as what you will see as above. You have to move your heat tool around your pattern, and leave it for few seconds before it's too hot. When the powder started to change color, the emboss is complete. 

This is another card I'm doing with emboss powder. This round, I'm using the color stamp pad with transparent emboss powder. The steps of doing the emboss effect is same as above, and it's very nice if you have plenty of colour stamp pad and would like to have emboss effect on certain images. Do take note that the result might not as what you see if you used the fast dry ink pad. The idea for emboss powder is mean for ink pad that dry out slowly.

Here is another tag that I do using the emboss powder and distress stain, adding some blings, it look gorgeous.

So, why don't you start to make one for yourself today?

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